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In a leisure port the gangways allow access of people to the piers. They are built with a nonslip pavement and two lateral aluminum-made  lattices used as a handrail.

Despite the use of this structures is well spread on leisure ports, they are also used in water-reservoirs, rivers and lakes as well as any other location that needs to offer more safeness to the pedestrians.

There are two types of gangways:

  • lifted: This system is used when piers are located far away from the port, that is why we place an additional gangway as a prolongation of the port.
  • articulated: This are the most used gangways. The gangway swings over the earth anchor and bows depending on the tide.

joins and finishings   |   standard structure and materials   |   uses

joins and finishings

Gangways are grounded with special anchor sheets which make the gangway and the port have the same level, so it is much more safe for the pedestrians to walk by.

At the other side of the gangway we build a little access ramp to the piers with a similar anchorage system, but finished with two neoprene rollers to avoid the friction with the pier.

The gangways are also anchored to the piles through special aluminum profiles screwed on in marine quality stainless steel.

Every welding is hidden inside the lateral aluminum profiles that compose the handrail. This profiles also dispose of a perforated tray to hide and protect the electric wiring from the water.

standard structure and materials

For the construction of the gangways same materials are used than in the construction of piers and fingers; a chassis with profiles made of marina quality aligned aluminum, welded with argon, and an imperishable tropical wood pavement.

Regarding the dimensions, the gangways are made according to its uses, but standard measures are used up to twenty meters long by one or two meters wide.


Gangways are made to allow or deny the access to a certain continental shelf or oil rig and provide more security in the transit of people.

This is why gangways offer infinite possibilities on leisure ports but also in water-reservoir areas, sea view private neighborhoods and sea exploitations.

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