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We call anchorages all the systems used to fixate and stabilizate the piers to the sea. The most used systems are the piling, the attachment and the anchorage.

the piling: offers the better benefits in the field of nautical constructions. Piling is based in big-sized piles anchored to the seabed vertically. A ring slides through this piles, and this ring is heavily fixated to the floating structures. With this system, horizontal displacements are practically non-existant, while it offers free vertical movements, absorving tidal oscilations and swell.

the attachment: replaces effectively the piling in some specific situations. Galavanized steel beams (dimensions are calculated according to the provided loads) to fixate the structure to the lenghtwise profile.

the anchorage: another replacement of the piling system in some situations. Concrete weights are placed in the seabed united to the instalation by steel or ?seaflex? chains. The location of this weights is calculated according the dimension and configuration of the instalation and the weather conditions of the area.

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Its an structure strongly anchored to vertical steady instalations. This structure is made of parallel, galvanized, wide and laminated steel beams which cross section is "H" shaped (HEB profiles). The measures of the beams are calculated according to the provided loads, and for its fixation steel anchorages are used.


The piles are steel pipes with a certain diameter, length and elastic limit calculated to bear the provided load for the use the instalation will be given, and also for the composition of the land.

In order to avoid the spoilage of the piles and protect the environment, piles are covered with zinz phosphate and epoxi tar, they can also be covered by a hot-applicated polyethylene sheet.

Piles are fixated to the seabed and united to the piers through sliding rings built with profiles made of an alloy of marine aluminum. This rings incorporate inside neoprene rollers which avoid friction between the rings and the piles and make structures slide upside down.


Concrete weights measures are calculated according to the loads they will support in the instalation. They are provided with rings for the anchoring of the lowest part of the iron chain.

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