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A port can not be complete without certain accessories which not only guarantee the safety and cleanliness of his installations and ships, but also offer the users the highest comfort.

Thinking about that, we offer a huge variety of elements to our clients:

Cleats: cleats are ergonomic pieces constructed of smelting molten aluminium. They are located in the edges of the piers and fingers. They are used to facilitate the mooring of the ropes.

Fenders: their function is to avoid the contact of the vessels with the metallic structure of the installation. They can be constructed on  wood or rubber.

Services cabinets: their function is to supply the ships with water and energy, so that the users and employees can have a higher autonomy. They can also be used to light up the surface of the piers, keep fire extinguishers and facilitate the cleanliness ff the installations.

Other equipments: we fit out our ports with a variety of elements in order to get a higher and effective use of the installations 24-hours a day: security cameras, trolleys for the merchandise and the people, an anti-seagull natural system, a magnetic card to go into the installations, covered trousers to protect the users from the sun and the rain, LED lights on the surfaces to improve the night vision and so on.

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In a port or a navy the cleats are built depending on the needs of resistance or traction. Nevertheless, the length of the vessel is what determine the quantity of cleats and the distance between them.

These elements are on the lateral profile of the pier or the finger.

The joint between the cleats and the pier or finger is made with stainless steel screws with lock nuts. The high quality of these joints offers an appropriate mooring of the ships, more safety to the passengers and less environmental impact.

At the moment we offer our clients different models of cleats because of their importance as beauty elements of a port or navy.


They are used to protect the vessels from getting damaged when docking, and also to decrease, reduce the deterioration of the port structures. They are situated between two arranged in the perimeter of the profiles of the installation. They are easy to replace because they do not need anchorages.

They can be made of rot-resistant tropical wood or EPDM rubber sheets. EPDM is a waterproofing membrane that gives elasticity and resistance to the structures. This element also reduces the environmental degradation.

service cabinets

They are indispensable accessories as they provide autonomy to docked ships. They are used to supply water, light and other services, but also to light up the surface of the port, facilitating the people passage at night.

We usually use the 'Guadiana model', a standard cabinet of approximately 1 m high. It offers different optional services depending on the characteristics of the port and the needs of the users: power points, inlets, electricity meters, among others. His main characteristics are:

  • stainless steel structure. It is also offered a huge range of colors
  • nautical quality aluminum base with stainless steel screws and lock nut
  • water installation in stainless pipe with two taps and a lever
  • covered sockets with waterproof isolation
  • light with energy saving bulbs protected with a methacrylate cover
  • 1 buoy with energy saving lamps 10W

other accessories

When the project is executed, all the information needed about the usage of the future port or navy is obtained. Like this, you could choose the appropriate accessories and models to increase the possibilities of the users.

There is an infinite possibility of accessories for the nautical world, but some of them are usually present in most of our navies:  services cabinets, security cameras,  natural anti-seagull system to avoid the presence of the birds in the ports, magnetic card  to go into the installations, parking space for jet skis...

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