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Attenuating, vertical wave barriers are a very effective solution to reduce the impact of the waves in a leisure port. It is also called 'breakwater' and it consists of a vertical wall located near the piers due to complex equations that relate different variables like weather, atmospheric pressure, among others.

The barriers are usually used in regions of strong ocean currents because of the Earth's rotation, the shape of their coast or because of both reasons. It is also important his construction in ports where big ships dock because they cause a huge water displacement in the shape of waves, altering the port.

So the aim of the barriers is to protect the piers of any horizontal movement, so that they can stay immobile and safe.

standard structure and materials

standard structure and materials

Attenuating wave barriers or breakwaters are constructed of longitudinal piles fixed to the sea and several juxtaposed concrete posts. Both of them are guided by horizontal metallic beams and jointed with aluminum profiles and clamps fixed with stainless steel screws. The posts are located at a certain distance, stopping the force of  waves and making them weaker.

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