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ports & marinas

A pier is the principal structure of a leisure port. It is mainly a floating wooden-made walkway attached by piles anchored to the bottom of the sea used as a mooring to the leisure boats.
Fingers are pier´s ramifications used to mark off the space between the docked ships. On the laterals and extremes they are equiped with rubber accessories which protect the structure and painting of the boats approaching the port
In a leisure port the gangways allow access of people to the piers. They are built with a nonslip pavement and two lateral aluminum-made lattices used as a handrail
We call anchorages all the systems used to fixate and stabilizate the piers to the sea. The most used systems are the piling, the attachment and the anchorage.
The accessories include from the supports and defences for the tie up of the ships, systems of flotation, cupboards of services, until the barriers atenuadoras of swell.
Attenuating, vertical wave barriers are a very effective solution to reduce the impact of the waves in a leisure port.

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