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Technical advice

As manufacturers of echological ports and owners of technique and ambiental quality certifications, we advice our clients in every aspect related to the understandment of the project and with the reason of the building of the project.

Clients often have the idea of the construction of a maritime or fluvial project in a certain location, but they often ignore the caracteristics of the terrain and the paperwork they need to start the construction. That is why, from Alfer Metal we attempt to clarify our client´s doubts and propose them alternatives to the geographic, legal, social or any other limitation.

From that point we establish a calendar so the client can fulfill al the paperwork at time, we also suggest the client to investigate if the project can be benefited by any institutional support, if the local community agree with the project and what do they expect from it. (it must be not forgotten that the local population can provide useful suggests since they are deeply aware of every negative or positive aspect of their region).

Design and instalation

The design: We work in a very strict european market in terms of accomplishment of the environmental laws. This way, we commit ourselves to design a port or marina that fits your environment with the lowest environmental impact possible.

On the other hand, we are aware that the construction of a port or marina must be a safe investment for your promotors, and, obviously, a chance for different sectors to improve by the creating of direct and indirect jobs. This is why the design will be conceived to exploit local resources. In that way, we use friendly materials to the environment, we priorize the finishings, and we suggest the right accessories to optimize the instalations.

The assembly: is relatively fast and practical. Once all the wooden and aluminum structures are assembled in our factory, they are transported by ship or truck to the destination, along with floats, piles and the other elements. There, our work team take care of the assembling of the pieces, piling, attachment and adjustment of the equipment.


The ports and marinas we make hold a two years guarantee and an approximately twenty years lifetime.

However, the excellence of the materials we use make that this lifetime increases in practical terms. The marine quality aluminum, tropical treated wood, polypropylene floats and stainless anchorages and screws, all of them are biodegradable, anticorrosive, or they get some special treatment to avoid its spoilage or protect environment.

This is why the maintenance of the ports and marinas we build is minimum and requires reduced manpower, turning the project into a more profitable project if possible, contributing this way to the sustainable economic growth.

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